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Power Of 3

2009-05-21 22:32:45 by Pendragon92

I've got a team for PO3!! w00t. XD

I'm on a team with EJRProductions and krssvr and I'm foreseein' some epicness.

This kinda means I'm not open for a PO3 team anymore.

But if you want some coding done, don't be afraid to PM me in the future.

Just not for PO3... XD


2009-04-24 00:22:26 by Pendragon92

Sooo, not like anyone reads my news posts, but I've got a new game in the works. It's gonna be a tactical RPG a la F.F. Tactics, Fire Emblem, etc.

I'm trying to make it as dynamic as possible so as to allow for a sandbox mode and possibly even sharing level codes.

As of right now, I think HideAndGeek'll do art for me but I'm not 100% (she's helping me design enemy AI at the moment).

Well... that's all I've got, imaginary crowd XD


2009-01-11 15:25:59 by Pendragon92

Well... idk.

I got annoyed with that stupid thing in my profile telling me to make a post so I decided to make one.


I've been working with flash but never really got around to submitting anything. I'm not that great with art so I've never wanted to submit any of my crap. Now I've got a girlfriend that can beast art so she lets me code and things work out nicely. We've got a game or five in the works, so I plan to release something shortly.


Programmers ftw.